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Junior Medical Camp

Junior Medical Camp is loaded with hands-on labs and fun activities for kids interested in learning about the human body, health, and the practice of medicine:
  • Discover the building blocks of life.
    o Construct models of DNA molecules.
    o Extract DNA from cells.
    o Examine the human genome and heredity.

  • Learn the basics of anatomy and biology through dissection of animal organs.

  • Transform yourself into a disease detective.
    o Identify bacteria, using laboratory techniques practiced by microbiologists.
    o Reveal how infectious microorganisms are spread.

  • Explore medicines and their use in the treatment of disease.
    o Extract aspirin from willow bark.

  • Become a crime scene investigator.
    o Use forensic science techniques—from fingerprinting to DNA coding—to analyze evidence from a mock crime scene and solve a mysterious case.

  • Experience how science is applied in the real world.
    o Tour a local medical facility.
    o Meet health professionals and observe them in their actual workplace.

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