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Head First!

Stop. Think First

Clearly visible from Euclid Avenue, Head First! is brought to life with projected lights and imagery that attracts the attention of visitors and passers-by. This new icon introduces and emphasizes the message of healthy decision-making that permeates and unites all of HealthSpace Cleveland’s exhibit experiences.

Inside the theater, guests are immersed in a dynamic setting that evokes a neural environment. They are invited to join a cast of animated characters trying to reach consensus on some challenging decisions. Together, the cast and audience journey into a variety of scenarios in which a third party is faced with a difficult, real-life decision, such as choosing whether or not to smoke.

Through spirited, often humorous, commentary, the cast provides different perspectives on the decision at hand and issues thought-provoking questions to visitors who respond by using hand-held interactive devices. Results are anonymously displayed, enabling visitors to see how they fit within the group dynamic. In this way, guests are able to devote critical thought to important health issues, while building decision-making skills in a safe, neutral environment. Visitors leave with an experience that underscores the overall message, Think First.