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Frohring Health Education Center

Learning. Life's Real Adventure

In 1952 the Frohring Education Center opened at The Health Museum of Cleveland and our reputation for acclaimed education programs was born. Over the years, new programs and new activities strengthened our reputation as the source of vital health information. Critical public health issues were often first addressed through school-based education programs and community conferences in the Frohring Health Education Center. Programs that addressed issues like HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, child abuse prevention, smoking cessation, and reproductive health have served as models both nationally and internationally.

We have always had the know-how and the faculty to teach healthy lifestyle choices. With the opening of the new Frohring Health Education Center we finally have the environment to match.

Thematic Classrooms

The museum’s signature teaching walls are an integral part of each classroom providing a thematic environment for small group education. Interactive, multimedia experiences cover the fundamentals of genetics, anatomy and physiology, growth and development, the wonder of new life, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse and dental health, giving student groups the opportunity to learn about and discuss these critical health issues.

Distance Learning Studios

Two fully equipped studios double HealthSpace Cleveland’s capabilities to meet the growing demand for distance learning programming as the technology has moved from promise to practice in schools throughout the nation. These expanded capabilities position HealthSpace Cleveland as a national health resource and greatly expand the number of people who can benefit from our curriculum.

Life Science Classrooms

Two life science classrooms complete with wet labs are a new feature of the Frohring Health Education Center. Sophisticated laboratory equipment including high power digital microscopes l enhance programs designed to supplement students’ classroom activities. Students enrolled in our popular Junior Medical Camp will enjoy the benefits of a sparkling new environment outfitted with the latest laboratory equipment.

Fitness Evaluation and Exercise Rooms

Both large and small groups can take advantage of fitness testing in this new area. Exercise physiologists conduct evaluation programs and create individual or group exercise prescriptions that can be carried out right in the museum’s new exercise rooms. School sports teams, high risk youth, and seniors are only a few of the groups who can benefit from this new program offering.

Nutrition Classroom and Demo Kitchen

If it’s cooking at HealthSpace Cleveland you can be sure it will be good for you! Registered dieticians and guest chefs prepare healthy recipes in the Demo Kitchen for school groups, adults and during special events. Educators serve up well-balanced nutrition classes with fresh ideas on eating well and staying healthy.

Stuffee’s Playhouse

Our pal Stuffee educates children in his brand new playhouse. Interactive programs on nutrition, the body’s systems, cardiovascular and dental health, and the value of exercise engage young visitors in this kid-friendly space.


The 186-seat auditorium creates an ideal venue for public programming, special events and educational series as well as an inviting space for large group school programs. Wired for distance learning and equipped with the latest in presentation technology, the auditorium adds a new dimension to the museum’s program options.


Visiting school groups can extend their museum experience by eliminating the need to plan around having lunch in their own school buildings. Bright and spacious, the lunchroom is kid (and brown bag) friendly.

Designed to support our constructivist education philosophy, the new Frohring Health Education Center enables us to offer internationally recognized programs in an environment designed to engage school and community visitors and to encourage them to return to sample all the programs we have to offer. Staying healthy has never been more appealing.