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Girl Scout Camp-ins

We are excited to bring back our famous Earn-a-Badge camp-ins for Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes/Seniors. The most important ingredient in earning a badge is FUN and we are sure you will have lots of fun during your camp-in at HealthSpace Cleveland. Your leaders and HealthSpace Cleveland staff are here to lend a hand as you work toward earning that special badge.

Every HealthSpace Cleveland learning experience includes lots of hands-on activities, crafts, games and projects to take home and share.

Earn-a-Badge for Brownie Scouts

Healthy Habits
Learn good dental health habits with Keep on Smiling and cover nutrition basics for growing bodies with You Are What You Eat. Use the food pyramid and nutrition games to learn what foods make a balanced diet.

Make It, Eat It
Combine the information about nutrition basics for a healthy body in You Are What You Eat with a trip to HealthSpace Cleveland’s brand new Nutrition Kitchen where you can experiment with foods to create recipes to find your own favorite healthy menu.

Learn about your body and the five senses by enjoying the activities included in You Are Special. Interactive kiosks introduce you to your senses and how they work to make you special. Learn the rules for keeping your body safe.

Earn-a-Badge for Junior Scouts

Becoming a Teen
Learn why your body changes and what to expect on the road to young adulthood. Share your questions and thoughts with your friends during small discussions. You are on your way to Growing Up and Liking It!

Highway to Health
Complete our healthy lifestyle circuit-training course and explore the human body and ways to keep it healthy. Enjoy ten fun and informative interactive stations on the way to becoming Super Healthy Kids.

Science Sleuth
Find out how the Genetic Revolution is changing the field of health care and helping forensic scientists solve crimes. Learn the basics of DNA structure and participate in a group investigation using your own DNA evidence.

Earn-a-Badge for Cadette/Senior Scouts

Creative Cooking
Find out about carbohydrates, protein and fats as you calculate your macronutrient needs during Basic Training. Then take your knowledge into our Nutrition Kitchen and put your new skills to work as you create a “good for you” menu that tastes good, too!

The Food Connection
Basic Training helps you discover what foods provide the most energy and how much you need to eat. You Are What You Drink compares the benefits and drawbacks of sports drinks, water and other popular beverages. Our staff dietician helps you create a menu for a healthy lifestyle.

Women’s Health
Participate in a discussion on making difficult decisions during Head First!. Examine the influences that affect your choices. Steady Storms helps you navigate teen relationships and learn to make positive choices about dating and friendship. Drugs 301 helps you rise to the challenge and discover the real cost of substance use and abuse to the health of your body.