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HealthSpace Cleveland Double Plays

Double your students’ field trip fun when you book one of our new Double Play Days. There’s a combination for every age group designed to double each child’s learning experience. Each one is guaranteed to be a hit!

For grades K-3
Start your Double Play with You Are What You Eat. Use the food pyramid and nutrition games to learn what foods make a balanced diet. Find our how many servings you need each day to fuel your body. Take your new knowledge and head for the Nutrition Kitchen for our brand new hands-on session Food is Math*. Use food and lots of the things you find in the kitchen to explore basic math concepts. Counting, weighing, measuring – it’s all more fun when you see and do for yourself!
Note: Includes a one hour program and one hour in the Nutrition Kitchen

* Developed by The Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital

For grades 4-6
Your Double Play starts with Body Blueprints. Investigate the basics of DNA and discover how genes and chromosomes you inherited from your parents determine much of who you are. Look at a model of a double helix to see how genetic information is organized. Explore your own traits to see which ones are dominant and which are recessive. Turn theory into practice in the life science lab with an Introduction to Forensic Science. Experiment with DNA extraction as you wash cells from inside your cheek by swishing your mouth with water. When you complete the experiment you should have your very own DNA strand. Your lab continues with other crime-solving skills like fingerprint identification, hair identification and handwriting analysis.
Note: Includes a one hour program and a two hour lab experience

For grades 7-12
The Genetic Revolution has become a part of the scientific vocabulary. But do you understand the changing worlds of genetics and health? Learn how the Human Genome Project, genetic engineering and DNA testing are changing the field of health care. Discover the basics of DNA structure and function and participate in an investigation using DNA evidence. Ever wonder how the banding patterns in DNA forensic cases are formed? Using a process known as Gel Electrophoresis, DNA fragments can be separated based on their size and charge. Perform an experiment that provides a basic introduction into the theory and practice of gel electrophoresis using laboratory equipment to segregate samples prepared from food coloring.
Note: Includes a one hour program and a two hour lab experience