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Teachers Guide

Grades 6-9

For girls only… and taught by women who are certified health educators from HealthSpace Cleveland, Girls 2 Women provides a comfortable and supportive environment for talking about issues related to girls’ health and adolescence. During this program, we will discuss factors that influence good health, including:
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Hygiene
  • Female anatomy
  • Pap smears
  • Breast health
  • Menstruation
  • Appropriate use of feminine hygiene products
  • Toxic shock syndrome

Time: 40 to 50 minutes

Format: Interactive videoconference distance learning presentation with discussion and demonstrations using images, props and models. Time is allotted to answer questions from students.

Teacher Preparation:

1. Download the parent information letter and send copies home with your students prior to your program date. Download here or at the link above.
2. Invite your students to write relevant questions down on a slip of paper and give them to you. During the program, we will make our best effort to answer as many questions as possible. These questions can also be used to further your own class discussion.

Program must be registered at least two weeks in advance. Click here for instructions on scheduling your program.
For more information, please call Lee at email.

This program meets National Health Education Standards for grades 6-9.

Sponsored by Tampax Health Education Division