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Current Traveling Exhibit
Genome: The Secret of How Life Works
Head First!

The Road to Good Health

Our themed exhibit area is a real-life adventure filled with places to play and things to learn as students journey through the stages of life on a road-trip full of fun, informative destinations along the way.

Highlights on Your Journey

Go Go Grill
Our customized deli wagon serves up a healthy portion of nutrition information along with loads of fun. Use a simple sorting game to learn how to properly store and serve a variety of foods. Compare the amounts of sugar in some of your favorite drinks. Build a meal from the menus of the most popular fast food restaurants, and discover how it impacts your recommended daily intake for calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates, and more. Or just climb behind the wheel and listen to some tunes.

Stress Yard
The clutter of a salvage yard is akin to the mental disarray that can cause stress. Here, you’ll discover common causes of stress, how it affects you physically and emotionally, and techniques for reducing stress in your everyday life. Interact with a kinetic sculpture that demonstrates biological responses to stress. Then step up to a video booth to watch and practice various methods of stress reduction, such as meditation, visualization, massage, and yoga.

Much like a water treatment plant cleans water and disposes of waste, your kidneys clean your blood before returning it for recirculation throughout your body. Stop by our renal tank for a figurative, hands-on demonstration of how your kidneys filter water and waste from the bloodstream to produce urine. Engage an interactive program that explains osmosis and how your kidneys use it to regulate how much water remains in your bloodstream. And learn how becoming an organ donor can save lives.

Rebuild Factory
Think of it as a parts shop for your skeleton. This is the place to learn about the muscles, bones, and joints that put your body in motion. Examine real bones, and see how they fit together. Play with models that demonstrate the range of motion for every joint in your body. And learn about the orthopedic profession, and discover the techniques and tools used to repair musculoskeletal injuries.