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Health and Happiness at the Workplace

As our region’s corporate community evolves and responds to the new demands and needs of the workplace, new and revised responsibilities come to light. One of these is an engagement in - and the management of - employee health and wellness.

Studies throughout the last decade by experts in the medical and workplace productivity fields have shown how a vital employee health and wellness program benefits a company of any size on a variety of levels.

Several companies based locally or working within the framework of a national corporate program, have taken a leadership role in this effort and have seen positive results in return, both in increased productivity and reduced healthcare costs.
Are you ready to promote a healthier organization, make your employees more productive, and contain rising health care costs?

Workplace health promotion and disease prevention programs DO produce positive health outcomes. These outcomes represent a significant return on the investment you make in your employees' health and wellness. While containing spiraling health care costs, employers experience improved morale, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and reduced turnover.

HealthSpace Cleveland's workplace program "Working Well" provides customized health promotion programs enhanced by our educational resources. Programs include educational seminars, lifestyle enhancement programs, health screenings and consultations.

Our staff of licensed and certified health professionals can assist in developing the programs that would "work well" with your company's culture and budget.

Contact to find out how Working Well healthy lifestyle initiatives can contribute to the success of your business.